Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Advent Reflection

This first Advent Sunday we reflect on the coming of Christ in our world and on His second coming at the end of our own lives and at the end time.
So Advent is God coming to us and our coming to Him.
I sit in the chapel looking out toward White Pine Road and imagine in my mind two groups of people marching
toward each other on the road.
One group is Christ and all our beloved dead who already made it to the other side and our group, the Church, going toward Christ  and  His group.
Along the way we we get distracted with events, parties, sports, shopping and leave the road for a time.
We are called back this Advent to get serious about the journey.
What doesn't help us,  give it away, for in the end we will have to give it all away.  But we give it away only  for the great prize - peace and final bliss forever.
Let us pray for each other this Advent. 

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