Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sister Claire Andre's Funeral Mass, November 7, 2014

Sister Claire Andre's Funeral Mass was  November 7th, 2014.
Sister Claire died November 4th.
Claire did  all her programs for her Wake Service
And Eucharistic Mass back in April, 2014.
At the Wake service Claire had asked Friar Jim Moore  OFM Conventual to share his memories of her and then she asked him to open  it up to the people attending and several did share their memories of her.
Sister Claire had asked Friar Justin Biase OFM Conventual
to be main celebrant,
Friar Andre Cirino OFM, homilist,
1st Reading , Friar David Moczulski OFM,
2nd Reading Claire's niece, Loren Rossi,
Gospel ,Friar Russell Governale OFM Conventual
and Sister Frances Vass to read the Communion Meditation.
John Gagliardi , Claire's youngest brother, gave the eulogy.
May God alone be given glory and praise.

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