Friday, November 28, 2014

Advent - Sunday November 30,2014


Here are some brief notes for a Advent reflection from Father Raymond Brown
A Coming Christ in Advent    
 Cheat Sheets of Notes
Saint Matthew account of the genealogy of Jesus contains the
essential theology of the
Old Testament
New Testament
for the whole Church
  • Orthodox
  • roman Catholic
  • Protestant

Brown says Ulrich Zwingli preached it back in the time of the Reformation.
It is the idea of Salvation by Grace.
The genealogy of Jesus is lopsided
  • Abraham begets Isaac
  • No mention of Ishmael who is a victim here
  • Isaac begets Jacob- not a word about Esau-whom Jacob stole his  birthright.
  • Jacob begets Judah -why is  Judah mentioned and not the good and extraordinary Joseph.
Matthew shows God does not necessarily select the most deserving person.  It is Salvation by Grace.




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