Friday, November 2, 2018

November 2 All Souls Day

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Today is All Souls Day in the Catholic Church: We pray for our deceased brothers and sisters who have died.

I pray especially for my Mom and Dad Harriet and John , my brother Bob, My special aunts, Aunt Sylvia, Hilda, Florence, and my special Uncles, Ben, Jake and Ben Powers. and of course all of them
This morning we sang this hymn:

1 Do not fear death's dominion
look beyond earth and grave,
see the brightness of Jesus shining out
to light our way.
loving Father and Spirit,
loving Jesus the Son,
All God's people together,
we shall live on as one.

Verse 2
At the door there to greet us,
martyrs, angels, and saints,
and our family and loved ones,
everyone freed from their chains.
we shall feel their acceptance,
and the joy of new life.
We shall join in the gathering
reunited in God's love.

We shall rise again on the last day
with the faithful rich and poor.
Coming to the house of Lord Jesus,
we will find an open door there,
we will find an open door.