Friday, January 22, 2010

Karen Stapleton enters the Monastery of Saint Clare in Chesterfield, NJ on January 17, 2010

Karen Stapleton, a lawyer by profession, entered our Monastery two days after our newest postulant, Nelia Acuna, entered. Now we have a nurse and a lawyer but beyond that two fine women who are seeking to give their whole life to God and to the Community of Poor Clares.
Welcome and we promise our prayers and support for you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nelia Acuna's Reception into the Order of Saint Clare at the Monastery of Saint Clare, Chesterfield, NJ.

Father Julian celebrated Mass with 15 friends of Nelia's and with the Sisters of the Monastery follwed by coffee and snacks. After getting to know Nelia's friends the Entrance Service for Nelia began.
Sister Miriam, the Abbess of the Monastery, received Nelia, gave her the Breviary ( our prayer book of the hours of the office), a San Damiano Cross for her room and a Tau cross to wear during her Postulancy.
All the Sisters gave Nelia the exchange of Peace and welcomed her into the Community.

Pope Francis visits Sister in Umbria