Friday, October 16, 2009

November pictures

One spectacular leaf that fell this fall reminding us of the beauty of God.

Mary, our friend from the Catholic paper, The Monitor, came for an interview with the sisters about our 100 years in the diocese of Trenton.

While we were talking to Mary, Sister Mary Clare Dangler, a Franciscan Sister of Christ the King, stopped in to say hello. Sister Mary Clare is from Crosswicks , NJ which is down the road a piece as they say and was visiting her family. She is now stationed in Kansas City.

Friar Novice , Gerald , (friar in the background)tells us his vocation story. He mentions that the witness of the people of his parish were the ones who fostered his calling especially the little grandmothers. Gerald loves his vocation and though there have been ups and downs he feels that this is where he is called.
Father Ron listens attentively to the story.
Friar Michael, tells us his story of coming to the Holy Name Friars as Sisters Barbara and Shirley listen. Michael too had good role models growing up, and when he came to the USA he worked as a computer expert but found that he wanted more out of life. Michael is happy at his choice.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Feast of Saint Francis, October 4, 2009

Friar Jude Michael Krill was with us on the Feast of Saint Francis. Friar Jude celebrated our Mass and gave us a beautiful homily. One of the points he brought out was that Francis received his vocation at the Church of San Damiano and Clare received her vocation at Our Lady of the Angels. The surprising event though was that Our Lady of the Angels was home for Francis' order, the Friars Minor and San Damiano was home for Clare's order, the Poor Ladies.

The Collage below shows Friar Jude Michael enjoying dinner with Sister Miriam, Sister Barbara and Sister Claire Andre. Friar Jude Michael shows off his new stole and one of the pictures shows Jude Michael blessing our dog, Magnificat(aka Maggie) Francis loved all creation, birds, wolves and we are sure he would have loved Maggie.

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