Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday June 11 MONOTONY MADE BY MAN [MATTHEW 5:17-19]

KHOTBAH DI BUKIT - 100“Should we really fulfill all these commandments? Even the smallest letter of the law? What a bore! What do you take me for?” asks the modern Christian.
Too often this fear of so-called religious boredom is a cloak. The real fear is not the fear of boredom or of “routine.” We fear the very vigor of God’s demands, the pains of the Christian’s endless battle, the strain of developing a Christ-like wisdom and will. The “bored” modern Christian is like a boy who says he does not like football because it is “boring” or requires no skill like other games, when really he inwardly fears getting hurt or being humiliated by stronger and better athletes. How many of our “reasons” are really “excuses.”
“In the measure you give, you shall receive,” says Jesus. Too many of us who pretend to fear the “boredom” of religion and the “monotomy” of praising God – too many of us simply want to do nothing. We falsely term “boring” the very things that would deliver us from the greater boredom we choose. We fear all things that might compel us to do something worthwhile, because these great works demand some sacrifice from us.
The danger we are in is very great. Doing nothing, loving our comfortable way, guarding our ease is a first class form of selfishness. Selfishness is the principal element of our sin. Utterly bored with ourselves and afraid of the effort required to rise out of our lethargy, we will turn to some form of sin as a way of getting something done. We call it “getting the fun our of life” and “living only once.” In other words, we are so self-centered that when we do rise from sleep, we act in a selfish way.
Those who are great in the eyes of God and man find endless work to be done in praise of God; every creature leads them to Him; every talent is spent for Him; even their rest and relaxation is spent in His loving presence; they have no time for boredom.
Jakarta, 11 June 2014

A Christian Pilgrim

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