Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday June 21 THE FATHER’S LOVE FOR US [MATTHEW 6:24-34]

KHOTBAH DI BUKIT - 500What a wonderful promise the Lord holds out to us! He wants to reassure us of His abundant love and provision. There is really no need to become anxious about anything. Jesus wants us to come to know our Father’s love as He did. As we do, we see that we can count on the Lord to meet our needs. Sure, there are always challenges – both great and small – but Jesus shows us that nothing is more important than walking in the presence of our loving Father.
How certain is the Father’s love for us? As certain as the sacrifice of His Son 2,000 years ago. As certain as the abiding, faithful presence of the Holy Spirit. More certain than food to feed our bodily hunger, or clothing to warm our bodies. The Lord tells us, “I will not … be false to my faithfulness. I will not violate my covenant” (Psalm 89:33-34). “Do not be anxious about your life” (Matthew 6:25). There is nothing of greater importance than the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.
LILIES OF THE FIELD - 3So, let’s feed ourselves with God’s word. Let’s clothe ourselves with His love. Let’s seek Him above all things and allow Him to guide our steps. The greatest challenge before us is not in dealing with the concerns of this earthly life. Rather, take on the full armor of God and walk in His presence each day – that is the real challenge set before each one of us. Our loving Father is waiting to bless all of us abundantly. God never stops caring for us. We can rely on Him to lead us each day.
Sisters and Brothers, let us surrender our concerns to our heavenly Father and let Him care for each of us. He has us in the palm of His hand and will never forsake us – He died for us. Let us trust Him in all things, great and small, and cast anxiety and worry aside. Let us take hold of His hand and let Him be our Guide. In every situation we encounter, it is good to know that our loving Father stands beside us ready to show us the way. We are His creation and He cares for each and every one of us.
Jakarta, 21 June 2014

A Christian Pilgrim

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