Friday, July 12, 2013

Pope Francis' Letter on The Light of Faith- Continuation Friday July 12

The opposite of Faith is idolatry.

Martin Buber cited a definition of idolatry proposed by the Rabbi of Kock:

Idolatry is when a face addresses a face which is not a face.  It is worshipping the work of our own hands.
An idol does not ask us to risk our security.  Idols set us up as the center of reality worshiping the work of our doing.  Our life story disintegrates into many unconnected instants.  It is a path leading no where.  If we do not put our trust in God we hear all
the idols crying out "Put your trust in me:"

(Car commercials: Put your trust in a car you can believe in)

Believing means entrusting yourself to a merciful love which always accepts and pardons, sustains and direct our lives.
By constantly turning toward the Lord we have a sure path which liberates us from dissolution of idols.

In the Faith of Israel we encounter Moses, the mediator.
With Moses in its midst Israel learns to journey together in unity.
Our act of Faith finds its place in community within the common "we" of the people who in faith are a single person"my first-born son."As God would describe all of Israel.
Faith, then, is God's free gift which calls for HUMILITY, the courage to trust and entrust.  It enables us to see God's path and ours.

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