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July 15 Feast of Saint Bonaventure and continuing the Letter of Pope Francis- The Light of Faith

The Tree of Life
As St. John has Jesus say"Abraham rejoiced that he would see my day; he saw it and was glad. "Jn 8 v56

According to these words of Jesus, Abraham's faith pointed to Him.  The patriarchs were saved by faith not in faith in Christ who had come but Christ who was yet to come.  Christian faith is centered in Christ.  It is the confession that Jesus is LORD and that He has risen from the dead. 

Christ is the "Yes" to all the promises and  the ultimate basis of our Amen to God.
Jesus manifests God's reality.
The word which God speaks to us in Jesus is not simply one word among many but His eternal WORD.

Christian Faith is Faith in a perfect love in a power that is able to transform us and the world.
God's love revealed in Jesus makes faith the foundation on which all reality and its final destiny rest.
Th clearest roof of God's love for us is His dying for us, for enemies to transform heart.

In the hour of Jesus' death the depth and breath of God's love shone forth.
St. John's testimony:" He who saw this has borne witness so that you may believe and his testimony is true.
Christ's total self-gift, his terrible crucifixion overcame every doubt and enables me to entrust myself to Him completely.

Christ's death discloses God's love above all in the light of His resurrection.

As the Risen Christ He is the trustworthy witness deserving of Faith and a solid support for our Faith.
Had the Father's love not caused Jesus to rise, had he not been able to restore His body to life then it is not a reliable love.

Our culture has lost its sense of God's presence and action in our world. We think that God is in the beyond and on another level of reality whereas God is found in our everyday relationships and events.
If so God would not be powerful, real and thus not able to deliver what He promises making no difference if we believe or didn't.

Faith does not just gaze at Jesus but comes to see things like Jesus seems them.
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