Thursday, July 11, 2013

Continuing Pope Francis' Letter as a Cheat Sheet

Quick quotes according to an in house Reader: 

Faith can be associated with darkness.
Light  autonomous reason is not enough to illumine the future.
Yet in the absence of light everything becomes confused: it is impossible to tell good from evil.

Faith is born from an encounter with the living God who reveals His love.
A love which we can trust for building our lives.
That love changes us and gives us a fresh vision
This light is built on from the past, from the foundation which is the memory of the life of Jesus.
His love overcame death, His and in the end ours-and that is the future light.

That light is a spark which becomes a burning flame.
Faith is a star to brighten the horizon of our life at a time when all of us need this light.
To follow the route of Faith we have Abraham , our Father in Faith, as an example.
Faith is a call and a promise.
Abraham took the step when he was called and God promised Abraham and his descendant that he would be the Father of a great nation. Faith lives in hope of this future.
St. Agustine says:
We are faithful when we believe in God and His promises- and God is faithful when He grants to us what He promised.
As Abraham did, so we all recognize a profound call which was always present at the core of our being.
God sheds light on Abraham's Faith-he realizes that his life is not the product of chance-but the fruit of a personal call.

The history of the people of Israel as found  in the book of Exodus helps us follow Abraham and Israel's trust in God's promise to set His people free.
God's light shines for Israel remembering God's mighty deed, recalled, celebrated, passed down from parents to children.  See how the light of Faith is liked to concrete life stories.
In great Cathedral windows the light coming from heaven and  passing through the windows shows the story of salvation.
Israel's story also shows us the temptation to unbelief.

To be Continued
 Posted by Sister Florence

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