Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reflection again for the People of the Cross Febrary 28, 2015



The People of the Cross

It took ISIS,

 reminding us-

that we are

the People of the Cross.

 We begin our Lent

with ashes

Ashes our fore-head

in the form of a Cross,

reminding us:

We are dust

and reminding us

we walk a narrow path

following in the footsteps

of our dear and gracious leader, Jesus.

Where does His path lead us?

The path to the Cross-

reminding us -

His words from the Cross:

Father, forgive them.-

reminding us

only in His love

 can LOVE.

 By His death and resurrection

He has set us free -

He has saved the world.

 This Lent

we come to change our hearts

to help change the world.

We are the People of the Cross

and by His Cross ,by His Grace

we can do it.



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