Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Feast of Saint Agnes and special Day for Our Sister Agnes

Sister Agnes Valimont OSC of chesterfield is celebration her feast Day today.
we will have a festive dinner.

Agnes of Rome (c. 291 – c. 304) is a virginmartyr, venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic ChurchEastern Orthodox Church, the Anglican Communion, and Lutheranism. She is one of seven women, who along with the Blessed Virgin, are commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass. She is the patron saint of chastitygardeners, girls, engaged couples, rape survivors, virgins, and the Children of Mary.
Agnes is depicted in art with a lamb, as the Latin word for "lamb", agnus, sounds like her name. The name "Agnes" is actually derived from the feminine Greek adjectivehagnē (ἁγνή) meaning "chaste, pure, sacred".
Agnes' feast day is 21 January. In pre-1970 versions of the General Roman Calendar an additional feast of the same saint is given one week later, on 28 January (see Tridentine Calendar). The 1969 revision removed this as a duplication of the 21 January feast.[1]

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