Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday - April 27 - Prayers for Nepal. And Tibetan Singing bowl Prayer

Daily Dig for April 27


Sadhu Sundar Singh
God uses suffering to call us into the peace of his presence. If God could not use pain and suffering for our good, then he would not allow such things to remain in the world. The grain of wheat must lie in the dark womb of the earth before it can be called forth into the open air by the light and the warmth of the sun. Then it grows into a healthy plant and bears fruit.
Source: Wisdom of the Sadhu

Daily Prayer for April 27 quince blossoms
You answered me when I called to you; with your strength you strengthened me. Psalm 138:3, TEV
Dear Father in heaven, we thank you that we are your children and that your eyes watch over us and see all that is in our hearts. You hear the request of each heart, and you will answer at the right time. Stretch out your strong hand to us, for we are weak and often heavy-hearted, not knowing what to do nor how to find you. But you are with us in every need in spite of all our faults and shortcomings. You are with us; you lead us through everything to our life’s true goal, until each of us can rejoice over all you have done, to the praise of your name, our Father. Amen.

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