Saturday, May 31, 2014

Feast of the visitation of Mary and Elizabeth

A Visitation and A Song

                                   The World waited                                                                And watched for this moment                                                  For many generations.
All the years
And all the prophets
And all the seers
     Bow to the young girl of Nazareth.

Along comes
This Daughter of Zion
Untying the knot of Eve
And by her “Yes”,
This favorite Daughter
Of the Father  
Becomes the Mother of the Redeemer.

Woman of Israel
With Jewish roots,
Stepping out
Of the Hebrew Bible
Changing BC to AD
Stepping into the New,
Changes History.

The mother of the living
Walking softly,
Walking gently
Among us
Is pregnant now
With the Messiah
Emmanuel, God-with-us

The cousin greets the Mother of God
And Elizabeth’s unborn child
Leaps in her womb
Like David dancing
Before the Ark,
Like the messianic leap of joy
Among Isaiah’s poor.

She, the cause of our joy,
The New Ark
Housing the Word,
Chosen and willed
Into Motherhood
Finds her glory, like all mothers,
In being for her Son.
Elizabeth speaks chosen words,
“Blessed is the child
You will bear.”
Mary, who carries Jesus,
Carries the Church,
Carries us,
Virgin made Church,
From the beginning.

The new Eve, fashioned in Heaven,
Sings a new song.
Not the ancient one of Eden
But the perfect song
For her Son,
A sign of favor to us,
To the Church forever.

As exalted spouse of the Spirit
She stands out
Among the poor and humble 
Of the Lord,
Her heart full and
Overflowing to the heart of another
Sings her astounding secret.

“My whole spirit is soaring
in the greatness of Adonai.
My very being is joyful
Because of God my Savior.
For God has been aware
Of His lowly one
And because of this
All people will find hope.

All ages will look at this moment
As a blessing for me and for them.
Our Mighty God, in this one great act,
Has done wonderful things for me,
Blessed be He.
His Name, too holy to utter
Blessed be He.
Holy is that Name.

His undeserved kindness is for all
Who worship Him in every generation.
His mighty Arm shows His power,
Most of all, in caring for the needy.
He changes the plans of the proud,
In their hardened hearts.
He has brought them down
From their high position
And sets the lowly ones in their place.

Wonders are given to those who long for it
And those, not of opened heart,
Go away empty.
He never forgets Israel or you,
Always full of loving-kindness for us all.
For God promised Abraham and Sarah,
And their family, to be with them always.
He promises us the same.
From now until forever.

We ask you, then,
Virgin Mother of the Savior
To intercede for us.
You who  brought forth
Your son in the flesh
Bring us forth in spirit.
Help us to see your Son
Appearing now in our neighbor
Making all of us one,
Making us Church.
“Blessed are you among women,
Blessed is the fruit
of your womb.” 


·          Gospel of Luke
·          Vatican Document :Lumen Gentium
·          Francis of Assisi: Prayer to the Virgin
·          Litany of Loretto

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