Monday, March 3, 2014

Conversion is to Welcome In

What is Lent all about?
Is it just another time to give up food and try to lose weight?
It may be for us a time to
and Welcome in.
A time to get rid of the bad stuff
and to welcome in the good stuff.
For each person that maybe different
and we alone, by going apart to the desert,
can decide to tend  one good flower
and bring it to bloom for Easter.
No big project but responding
and welcoming in
the daily round of events and people.
It may seem simple
 but in fact it is the daily stuff
which makes us or breaks us.
 If wewelcome it in
with all its mess
we have spent our Lent well.
For Saint Francis Penance was MERCY, 
 being kind to the lepers,
 to the brothers
and to the Lay Folk. 
"Be compassionate as your heavenly Father
 is compassionate."
so says the Gospel
Saint Clare tells us,
"That we should be,
by our manner of living, a model and mirror
not only for all the faithful,
but for our own Sisters also,
whom the Lord called to follow our vocation."
Or as the saying goes.
"Charity begins at Home."
Desert flowers

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