Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thoughts from Some Contemplative Books

From Centuries of Meditations
Thomas Traherne
The image of God implanted in us,
guided me to the manner wherein we were to enjoy.
A sight of happiness is happiness.
It transforms the soul and profoundly calls us to communion with God and weans us from the emptiness of this world.
It puts a light upon God and all His creatures and makes us
 see them in a Divine and Eternal light.
All things were well in its proper place. 
 I alone was out of frame and need to be mended.
The Hawk and the Dove
Penelope Wilcock
We give our weakness to God and it becomes our strength.
One person's sin is not
an appropriate topic
for another person's conversation.
We can offer no solutions
no easy answers to other people's tragedies.
We can only be there.
It is Jesus they need.
The Wisdom of the Sands
Antoine Saint Exupery
You stablish that on which your heart was set.
We do not deceive the tree.  It grows as a tree- and all else
is words that weave the wind.
What sets us at variance is but the confusion  of language
for we desire the same thing.
Never have I met anyone who desires disorder.

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