Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Advent-Christmas Time 2013

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Christmas 2013   (For Mary Lou Russ- died December 2, 2012) `
In the quiet of this morning
In this Advent time of year
The world and all its people
In my heart are settled there.
We yearn for peace in every corner
For freedom, food enough for all,
An end to violence and injustice
 and gangs in every street.
As hecklers sneered at the psalmist
“Where is your God?”they asked.
We stand as people on the edge
And answer,” Our God is here.”
In the bustle of the shopping malls,
In the work place, big and small.
In the smile of a person,or a courtesy
We find our God is there.
Just the recognition of His presence -
God is here and everywhere
Right there, right next to me,
God is very near.
This year, 2013, is ending
And finds us praying
Holding those we loved and lost,
 Who Intercede for us now in Heaven.  
We thank this God of Eternal Hope
For all the gifts we’re given.
Recalling now with great rejoicing
Emmanuel,  God with us.
We go to the highest mountain
The holy city, God’s holy house
  Gloriously for us this today -
           a Babe is born to share our way.    
FV (edited by Sr. Donna)
Posted by Sister Florence Vales OSC


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