Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thoughts on Saint Francis of Assisi

Today we are celebrating the Transitus of St. Francis of Assisi . . . his passage from earthly life into eternal life. This is not only a remembrance of one who has preceded us, but it is also a celebration . . . a celebration of St. Francis with us today. Take a moment to reflect upon how you can carry the light of St. Francis into the world around you.
Francis reflected the image of Christ by his
life of prayer.
his poverty
and his humility.
We can follow Jesus with the help of His grace after the example of Francis by loving all people and creation with joyful hearts.
Even in the dark times we can be stouthearted and courageous because we know God will show us the path of life to Him
and the fulfillment of all joys in His presence.
We ask ourselves, "And where is His presence?"
His presence is
in His Holy Word, the Scriptures
In His Eucharist
And in all of God's people, our brothers and sisters.
As the apostle Paul says in his letter to the Galatians :
"All that matters is that one is created anew. Peace and mercy on all who follow this rule of life and on the Israel of God."
And here is my favorite line in this letter to the Galatians:
"Henceforth, let no one trouble me, for I bear the brand marks of Jesus in my body."
What are the brand marks of Jesus?
Pope Francis in his interview with the Jesuits said that
Sanctity is patience.
There the brand marks of poverty, humility and love grow
with patience and we become holy by the grace of God.
Francis' rule of life was the Holy gospel.
His love was Lady Poverty which in some ways resembles the Church-the Bride of Christ.
As Francis loved the battered Lady Poverty
so Jesus Christ loves His battered Bride, the Church
and the church is all of us battered and worn.
Francis found his source of strength and nourishment in the Scriptures.
And Francis found his form of life in the simple words of Matthew 11 verse 28
there you have it in a nutshell.
Learn from Me
As Francis said on his death bed
"Let us begin for up  to now we have done nothing."

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