Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas- Reflection

baby jesus
It is hard to celebrate this Christmas with joy and happiness
 because of the tragedy at Newtown, Ct. 
The massacre at Sandy Hook School  has made us, as a nation,  look more deeply it to our own value system.
We  are  asking questions and offering solutions but when all is said and done we once again are left silent.
The silence that becomes prayer.
That is all we have to offer and maybe in the end as we pass this spirit of pray  on to our childrent that is enough. In doing this  we may behold the face of this
little Child who took on our flesh , and bore the same pain that we are bearing now.  We know Mary, His Mother, held His broken body
when He died at the hands of people who chose to rid the world of this Man, this Man who never sinned. 
May the parents find some consolation in Mary's own suffering as a Mother.
May the parents know that we support them with our prayers.May  we survive and grow.  That is our prayer.
 Posted by Sister Florence Vales OSC

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Trudy Jane said...

Well said...thank you for your prayers