Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 4th Feast of Saint Francis-

October 4th celebration of Saint Francis was low keyed but beautiful.
Below is a collage of our dining room with Saint Francis ,front and Center, our dining room table , Father Peter Cebulka , an Oratorian priest and friend of the community for years, our Abbess, sister Miriam and our good friend, Bernie McClain, with his German Shepherd dog, Marcus.
Marcus did not get blessed so one of the sisters did the honor.

The evening of October 3,1226, Francis of Assisi
serenely finished his earthly pilgrimage intoning
the praise of our sister Bodily death.
To the Friars, anguished for his immanent transitus, he confided,
"I have done my part:
May Christ teach you yours."

Francis asked that the book of the Gospels be brought. 
He wanted to hear the Gospel of St. John beginning at the words:
"Before the festival of the Passover..."
John 13:1-17
Intercessions :
Leader: We have remembered the passing of St. Francis. Mindful of the wonders the Lord has worked in him, we confidently approach the Father in Prayer.
Reader- For Church and Civic leaders that they seek the counsel of God and pursue the ways of peace, justice, harmony and the common good.
For all men and women, that they honor praise the most High and good God in all of His creatures, especially animals.

For all followers of St. Francis that they follow the Gospel way of life in humility.

For all the faithful departed, especially among our friends and family, that Sister Death lead them to the Most High and may they intercede for us here on earth.
Good and gracious God, you called our Father Francis to reflect the image of Christ so may we follow the Gospel Way in humility and peace.
Posted by Sister Florence Vales OSC

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