Monday, September 10, 2012

Patriot's Day September 11, 2014

Our prayers are with all those who died at the World Trade Center
in New York City;
at the Pentagon;
at Shanksville, Pennsylvania
May God give them Eternal Rest and be with their loved ones.
May the dead intercede for Peace for us here on earth.

We stand beneath the cross
            And ask  the hard question
Is this enough?
            We look to the world,
The world looks back.

Its pain and our pain is rooted
            In our hearts.
We lift it to the cross
            He reaches out for it tenderly ,
            And places it securely in His side.

Alone in the silence of solitude
            In the sacred place of  quiet,
The rain, like tears of a mother,
            Cleanses us,
And we find hope in a blanket of prayer.
We find hope in His Son’s Cross

            It is enough...


Prayers for our Friar, Father Mychal Judge OFM of the Holy Name Province
May God give him  Eternal Rest and be with his loved ones

May the dead intercede for Peace for us here on earth.

Posted by Sister Florence Vales OSC

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