Thursday August 20th Feast of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux


  1. DiedAugust 20, 1153, Clairvaux Abbey, France

Daily Dig for August 20

Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt
We should protest against the peace which tolerates everything as it is (Ezek. 13:10). This includes those religions and teachings that emphasize resignation, as though we should accept and submit to everything because it is somehow God’s will. In Jesus there is no such thing as mere resignation. No, in his name we are called to seek God’s justice on earth. In Jesus we are to pursue his reign – not just for ourselves but for all people. Those who gather around Jesus cry out for God’s kingdom and his justice.

Daily Prayer for August 20

Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt
Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1, NIV

Lord our God,
 grant that we may be your children who receive the Spirit and all they need from you. You strengthen us not only physically but also inwardly, in our hearts, enabling us to face the uncertainties of earthly life and whatever still needs changing in human society. Keep us from giving in to weakness. May your power be always with us. May we have patience and hope, because you are working for the good and we may wait for it in expectation. Amen.