Pope Francis to altar servers: Path to holiness is not for lazy

July 31, 2018 You are the Light of the World

July visitors Saturday and Sunday,

Father Lennon, Thank you

July 27, 2018 Vatican organizes meeting on what to do with abandoned churches

July 26, 2018 Vistors from Divine Word Community

July 24, 2018 Festival of Ethical Photography honors images that spread awareness

July 23. 2018 Nicaragua: Cardinal Brenes celebrates Mass of atonement at parish attack...

sunday July 22, 2018 Pope Francis to meet with 50,000 young Italians to prepare Synod

July 20, 2018 Publication of “The Pontificate of Benedict XVI,” first global analysis ...

July 20, 2018 Alexia, youth who died at 14, declared venerable by Pope Francis

July 19 2018 Salvatorians prepare for 100-year anniversary of founder's death

July 18, 2018 100-year anniversary of Nelson Mandela's birth

July 18, 2018 Sisters in India -Click on link

July 17, 2018 Cuban Priest: Church in Cuba is very creative despite prohibitions

July 16, 2018 Pope Francis to youth: “Look to your roots”

Where is God?

Cardinal Bocos: I am at the pope's disposition

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