Christmas- Reflection

Mary sings- My Soul Magnifies the Lord - As we hurry toward the Coming of Emmauel Let us Sing with Mary.

O Antiphons begin on December 17th and continues to December 23rd. A Wonderful meditation on the fullness of both Testaments that ends with the coming of the Messiah and for us, beyond.

Our Lady of Guadalupe- December 12

Today is Thomas Merton's Birthday. Merton was a Trappist Monk and Father James Martin SJ does an excellent job in presenting Merton's life in this video

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Advent 2012- We gather around our Advent Wreath to begin the Celebration of Advent

Advent 2012

The Year of Faith

Feast of the Dedication of The Basilica of St. John Laternan

Fall at the Monstery of Saint Clare in Chesterfield, NJ

Sister Natalie Hayes Celebrated a Milestone- 95 Years Young

October 4th Feast of Saint Francis-

Thoughts on Saint Francis of Assisi From G.K.Chesterton

Holy Name Federation Council Members of the Poor Clares

Feast of Saint Francis - A Man of Peace

Celebrating Sister Frances Vass Incorporation into The Monastery of St. Clare,Chesterfield, NJ , September 18, 2012 , The Feast of St. Joseph of Cupertino

Up Coming Feast of Saint Francis

Patriot's Day September 11, 2014

Alan Jackson's song for September 11

Saint Francis- Lover of Creation

Franciscorps Visits the Poor Clares

Happy Feast Day of our Lady and Her Assumption

Happy Feast Day to Our Lady Clare

Some Thoughts on Contemplative Life in the Monastery

Sister Francis Vass Celebrates a Milestone Birthday. Congratulations

Corpus Christi Sunday June 10th