Wednesday July 29 Feast of Saint Martha, Cook for Jesus

Tuesday July 28 Let us Seek to Forget and forgive and move on after we wrap all the hurts in a garbage bag and though them in the dumpster

Monday July 27 Lamb of God, Sower of Seeds, Last Refuge

Sunday July 26

Sunday July 26 The 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Friday July 24 The Cross breaks the cycle of violenc.

Thursday July 23 Gospel for the Day- We look and do not see. We hear but do not understand.

Wednesday July 22, Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene

Tuesday July 21, Thought for today

Monday July 20 We all Need to Focus on what really Matters

Sunday 16th Sunday Come Away and Pray

Wednesday July 15 The Saint who Washed Dishes

Tuesday July 14 The World is Still in God's Hands. He Will Deliver.

Monday July 13 In times of Trouble Peace is Around the Corner -

Wednesday July 8 Let us Pray for Christians Persecuted in Syria

Tuesday July 7 four of our sisters are at St. Bonaventure University at New York near Buffalo . They are taking a workshop on Franciscan Spirituality