August 14th Vigil of the Feast of our Lady's Assumption into Heaven.

Happy Feast Day of our Lady and Her Assumption

  • Mary is "blessed" because --totally, in body and soul and for ever -- she became the Lord's dwelling place (Benedict XVI)

  • # 2: Carl Jung on the Assumption: It was in 1950, that the famed Lutheran psychiatrist Carl Jung, theSwiss psychiatrist,and an influential thinker, the founder of analytical psychology,remarked that the papal announcement of the Assumption of Mary, in 1950, was "the most important religious event since the Reformation." (Storr 1983 p. 324) It means that along with the glorified masculine body of Jesus in heaven there is also a glorified feminine body of his mother Mary.

    According to Jung "bodily reception of the Virgin into heaven" (Ibid.) meant that "the heavenly bride was united with the bridegroom," (Ibid. p. 322) which union "signifies the hieros gamos"[the sacred marriage]. (Ibid.) Acknowledging that the Assumption "is vouched for neither in scripture nor in the tradition of the first five centuries of the Christian Church," Jung observes that: "The papal declaration made a reality of what had long been condoned.  This irrevocable step beyond the confines of historical Christianity is the strongest proof of the autonomy of archetypal images." (Storr 1983 p. 297).

    Jung remarks that 
    “the Protestant standpoint . . . is obviously out of touch with the tremendous archetypal happenings in the psyche of the individual and the masses, and with the symbols which are intended to compensate the truly apocalyptic world situation today." (Ibid. pp. 322-323) Jung added: “Protestantism has obviously not given sufficient attention to the signs of the times which point to the equality of women. But this equality requires to be metaphysically anchored in the figure of a 'divine' woman. . . .  The feminine, like the masculine, demands an equally personal representation
Submitted by Sister Florence